Minco Technology Enters Industrial Power Rectifier Market

Minco Technology Labs, LLC, a manufacturer of value-added products, die processing and distribution of mission critical, high-reliability semiconductor solutions and services, today announced the introduction of its Industrial Power Module products. This new product grouping will be added to their increasing portfolio of standard products, be the first products defined specifically for and servicing the demands of the heavy industrial marketspace. This product family will be based on silicon from one of Minco’s technology partners, Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.

Minco's first products introduced within this family are a group of power diode, rectifier modules, containing two diodes in anyone of multiple configurations and encapsulated in the popular SOT-227 footprint. This package is based on a plated-copper tab in both insulated and non-isolated tab options, both of which are defined and manufactured with heat removal optimized for improved operating performance over an extended thermal profile range. Target market requirements with regards to temperature are -40 to +85 degrees C or -40 to +100 degrees C but Minco's intentions for this product grouping also include temperature support to +125 degrees C, with modified product specifications.

These rectifier diode modules are available in multiple voltage and current options, all with low forward voltage drop, are available in multiple configurations, which include parallel, anti-parallel, common-cathode, common-anode and tandem. Voltage options for this product group include 400, 600, 800 and 1200 Volts, current ratings range from 10 Amps up to and including 300 Amps. Future additions to the product family will include IGBT, MOSFET, and combinatorial logic modules which will include fast-response rectifier diodes and IGBT or MOSFET devices. These future additions also targeted for integration in the SOT-227 footprint.

Market target platforms supported include industrial equipment, heavy rolling stock, and commercial aviation. Applications include trains, heavy trucks, contractor & agricultural equipment, as well as commercial planes. Typical circuit uses for this product group include high-current pulse drivers, high-current chargers and generators, ac-dc rectifiers, snubbers, choppers, inverter circuits, and inductive clamps. Applications include braking circuits, actuators, flap controls, switching power supplies, power inverters, distributed power and welders.

"Minco' s product line expansion into the Heavy Industrial market was driven by customer and partner requests. Our experience servicing the requirements and demands of the high-reliability marketplace was very relevant to this market's emerging reliability requirements," said David Harrison, Vice President of Engineering at Minco Technology Labs.

Minco Technology Labs, LLC
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