Microsemi Introduces Line of Power Modules Featuring Silicon Carbide Diode Technology

Microsemi Corp. has introduced a line of 20 new silicon carbide-based power modules in standard dual-diode and full-bridge configurations designed for a wide range of industrial applications.

"By integrating our SiC components into two very low-profile packaging options – the industry standard SOT227 and our innovative SP1 – we enable customers to create very compact high-frequency systems with low parasitics," said Philippe Dupin, Director of Power Module Products for Microsemi’s Power Products Group located in Bordeaux, France. "These 20 new SiC diode power modules allow our customers to improve their system designs beyond the capabilities of today’s conventional power solutions."

An SiC pioneer and innovator, Microsemi’s new power module family takes advantage of SiC’s superior performance at high operating temperatures for industrial, UPS, SMPS and motor drive applications. The family includes five standard dual-diode products in SOT227 packages, a dual-diode product in an SP1 package and four single-phase bridge rectifiers in SP1 modules.

The SOT227-packaged modules feature current ratings from 20 to 60A and breakdown voltages of either 600 or 1200V, available in either parallel or antiparallel configurations. The new modules can be used in phase-leg, common-anode or common-cathode implementations, and may be wired as a single diode at twice the current capability by connecting the package’s two diodes in parallel.

For applications requiring a 90A current rating, Microsemi offers two SP1 products with dual, independent diodes at either the 600 or 1200V breakdown voltages. Completing the family are eight single-phase bridge rectifiers packaged in SP1 modules having ratings of 10, 20, 30 or 40A, each at a voltage breakdown of either 600 or 1200V.

Microsemi Corp.
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