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Micrel Releases MIC2202/MIC2204 DC-DC Regulator

Micrel Semiconductor Inc. (San Jose, CA), a leader in power management and high-speed communications integrated circuits, released its small-size, high-efficiency, 2 MHz, pulse-width modulated (PWM), dc-dc step-down regulators housed in small 3 mm x 3 mm packages, the MIC2202 and MIC2204, which are suitable for powering low-voltage chip sets in space-sensitive applications such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants, hard disk drives, IP phones and 802.11 WLAN plug-in cards.

The MIC2202 is a 2 MHz synchronous buck regulator that steps voltages down from a 2.3 V to 5.5 V input. It features internal power MOSFETs that can supply 600 mA of output current with output voltages down to 0.5 V. The fast 2 MHz operation along with a proprietary compensation scheme allows the smallest possible external components. The MIC2202 can operate with an L x C product of 2.2: 2.2 µH inductor and 1 µF ceramic output capacitor, or visa versa.

The MIC2204 is similar in function to the MIC2202, and operates with a 4.7 µF ceramic capacitor and 4.7 µH inductor. The MIC2204 is a lower-cost device that is suitable for applications that are not as space-constrained as those that suit the MIC2202.

The MIC2202 and MIC2204 are available in 3 mm x 3 mm, MLFTM-10 and MSOP-10 package options. The MIC2202 is priced at $1.97 and $1.79 in 1,000-piece quantities, respectively. The MIC2204 is priced at $1.88 and $1.70 in 1,000-piece quantities, respectively. Samples are available from stock, and production quantities are stock to 12 weeks ARO.

Micrel Semiconductor Inc.
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