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MediaTek Wireless Charging ASIC Supports Inductive and Resonant Modes

MediaTek, Inc. today announced MT3188 multi-mode wireless charging ASIC that supports multiple competing standards. MediaTek MT3188 is a tightly-integrated solution that supports resonant charging technology and is fully compatible with current inductive chargers certified by the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). MediaTek MT3188 requires no external active components and its highly-optimized bill of materials (BOM) is comparable to best-in-class WPC inductive solutions. The solution can be mounted on a mobile device’s main PCB or battery cover, and provides a programmable output voltage from 1.5V to 5V at 1.4A (7.0W maximum). MT3188 is powered wholly by the charger and works even with a completely discharged battery.

Key features of the MT3188 include: Compatible with existing PMA and WPC inductive standards as well as emerging resonant wireless standard A4WP; Ultra-compact design for smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices; Highly-integrated, with an optimized bill of materials that requires no external active components; Supports out-of band communications in resonant mode (A4WP); Provides the option of in-band communications in resonant mode for applications where a Bluetooth transceiver is not available; Operates stand alone or with MediaTek MT6595, MT6732 or other systems on a chip.

“With resonant charging, MediaTek makes consumer lives better. The devices can be placed in any position on a resonant charging mat and one mat can simultaneously charge multiple devices with different power needs at their optimum rates,” said Mark Estabrook, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at MediaTek. “Resonant charging also works through non-metallic materials, so there’s no need to remove a smartphone case before charging and the chargers can be built easily into furniture and vehicles.”

MediaTek’s in-band communication technology for power control provides a simple and reliable way to add resonant wireless charging support to a whole host of consumer devices where Bluetooth transceivers may not be available for out-of-band communication, such as ebook readers, noise-cancelling headphones and even spare batteries. MediaTek MT3188 is sampling now and expected to feature in commercial devices within Q3 2014.

MediaTek Inc.
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