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Mean Well Extends AC-DC Offering to 5kW

For high-wattage industrial power applications, Mean Well Enterprises Co. Ltd. has offered units up to 3kW. In order to satisfy demand for an even higher power, the new single-output 5000W RST-5000 series has been unveiled. This model has the built-in active power factor correction, accepting the wide range 3-phase ac input (3-phase, 3-wire/Delta 196- to 305-Vac or 3-phase 4-wire/ Y 340- 530-Vac) and providing the output choices of 24Vdc and 48Vdc. RST-5000 particularly incorporates the design enabling the wide range adjustment for output voltage and output current- the output voltage can be trimmed between 80% and 120% of the rated voltage by 1- to 6-Vdc external control signal and the output current can be trimmed between 80% and 100% of the rated current by 1- to 5Vdc external control signal enhancing the flexibility for system designs.

RST-5000 exploits the "new generation circuit topology" that provides 5kW from a single power converter, operates from three-phase ac, and delivers efficiencies up to 91%; moreover, thanks to the built-in fan, the entire series can provide the full load output under 50 degrees C ambient temperature. This series considers the parallel function to satisfy further higher power demand from users, allowing up to 15000W (3 units in parallel) output. In addition, RST-5000 series provides two mechanisms for the overload protection: one is the "continuous constant current limiting" mode, and the other is the "constant current limiting with delay shutdown after 5 seconds" mode, which can work with various types of severe load (for example, inductive load, capacitive load, battery charging, and so on.)

These ac-dc power supplies measure, 480 x 211 x 83.5 mm. Built-in standard functions cover the remote sense function, the remote ON/OFF control, the 12V/0.1A auxiliary power, the alarm signal output (both relay contact and open collector signal) for ac fail, DC OK, fan fail and over temperature protection. The whole series is also complied with the international certification, UL, CUL, TUV, CB, CE and etc, assuring the safety when using this model. The suited applications include automation equipment, industrial control equipment, laser engravers, telecommunication systems, and etc. which need high operating power.

Mean Well Ent. Co. Ltd.
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