Batteries and Portable Power

Low-Voltage, Low-Current Op-Amp for Battery-Powered Applications

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the TLV271 single channel, rail-to-rail output op-amp. A drop-in replacement for alternative industry standard parts, the op-amp enables designers to make full use of the entire supply voltage operating range. The device’s wide operating range of 2.7V to 16V enables the TLV271 to support an array of battery- and low-powered consumer and industrial products. A quiescent current of only 550µA helps minimize device power consumption over a gain bandwidth of 2MHz and slew rate of only 1.4V/µs.

Diodes Incorporated’s version of the TLV271 offers an improved level of stability and phase margin, enabling capacitive loads of up to 100pF to be driven without the need of a nulling resistor. The high input impedance and minimal bias current of this CMOS device also makes it suitable for use with a wide range of signal sensors.

To help meet a wider range of system requirements, the op-amp is provided in a choice of SOT23-5 or SO8 packaging and commercial (0 to +70 degrees C) and industrial (-40 to +125 degrees C) temperature ranges. The TLV271 is priced from $0.21 USD each in 50k quantities.

Diodes Incorporated
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