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Low-Profile ESS for Hybrid Buses and Heavy-Duty Transportation

EnerDel Inc. has released the PP320-689-LP Vigor+ for use in hybrid buses and other heavy-duty transportation applications. The new Low Profile ESS features EnerDel’s patented air-cooled thermal management design for single pack operation in hybrid buses, and is scalable for higher-energy-required transportation applications. The Low Profile ESS is a Li-ion direct drop-in replacement for Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs currently populating many diesel-hybrid buses.

Road-testing of EnerDel's ESS for diesel-hybrid buses began nearly one year ago. The ESS has performed failure-free for over 50,000 miles of regular passenger service at a major transit authority in North America. Additional early production systems are successfully operating in regular passenger service in tropical climates as well, demonstrating the air-cooled thermal management design across various atmospheric profiles.

“We are excited about the commercial launch of our new low profile ESS. Securing the supply agreement for this product demonstrates our vast capabilities and focus in the heavy-duty transportation markets,” states EnerDel CEO, Michael Canada. “EnerDel's Lithium-Ion Low Profile ESS offers an increased energy density of more than 300%, a lighter weight, and a performance, fueling and price-point advantage over most of its NiMH counterparts.”

“The new low profile design is a strong option for Original Equipment Manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles seeking air-cooled hybrid packs or scalable solutions for all-electric programs. It is also an excellent aftermarket solution for transit authorities under pressure to replace aging NiMH batteries in order to lower maintenance costs and enhance fuel economy,” states Tomasz Poznar, VP of Transportation for EnerDel.

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