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Low-Cost Adjustable Lab Power Supply Ditches Knobs for Precision Trimmers

Revely Microsystems, Inc. today announced VoltWerks, a family of adjustable power supplies for low-voltage electronic development. Unlike most lab power supplies, VoltWerks has no clunky knobs. Precision trimmers and a fast current trip keep accurate power available at the point of load. Each VoltWerks supply ships with a screwdriver adjustment tool. VoltWerks power supplies reduce size and cost by utilizing readily available USB power or ubiquitous ac wall adapters. With these features, Revely Microsystems aims to put precise adjustable power on every lab bench.

Jon Guy, Founder of Revely Microsystems, says: “The VoltsWerks power supply idea came after I damaged yet another prototype circuit with a hasty adjustment to a lab DC supply. The circuit-board required hours of intense rework to repair. What I needed was precise, set-and-forget power supply that could be used in the lab or within a system.”

VoltWerks power supplies offer low-noise, precise adjustment to 5mV, configurable current-trip and slew rate, as well as LCD read-outs for voltage and current. Jon Guy further explains, “Current trip is preferable to a current limit in most applications because it completely removes power when an exception occurs, rather than folding-back the voltage.” Designed and manufactured in Austin, Texas, VoltWerks power supplies are available for pre-order starting at less than $50.

Revely Microsystems, Inc.
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