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LocalGrid Partners with RTI and Tresys to Deliver Secure MicroGrid Solutions

LocalGrid Technologies, Inc. and Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI) have entered a strategic partnership to deliver a new MicroGrid and Distributed Energy Solution. The solution combines LocalGrid’s advanced micro-cell “smart grid” technology and RTI’s leading implementation of the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. At the same time, LocalGrid and Tresys Technology, LLC announced a strategic partnership agreement to jointly develop MicroGrid and distributed energy solutions with built-in military-grade security.

“LocalGrid, working closely with RTI, delivers a standards-based, secure, next generation MicroGrid solution,” said Bob Leigh, CEO of LocalGrid. “Traditional control protocols used world-wide by power utilities are inherently vulnerable to attack when placed in a distributed deployment. Adopting RTI’s DDS enables LocalGrid to deliver highly secure, highly scalable real-time solutions for power utilities.”

"Working closely with power distribution utilities and Tresys has enabled LocalGrid to deliver class-leading MicroGrid infrastructure solutions while protecting one of our nation's most valuable assets, the aging power grid," Leigh continued. "This partnership leverages over 15 years of experience with secure platforms where SCADA is used as the preferred protocol. Our combined approach delivers a hardened, optimized solution that delivers next-generation MicroGrid functionality without compromising distributed grid operations or security."

“RTI has extensive experience with hundreds of military and civilian organizations,” said Dr. Stan Schneider, CEO of RTI. “Our middleware offers standards-based communications for industrial systems with vastly better scalability, reliability, and now security. LocalGrid leverages DDS to secure all communications within their MicroGrid deployments. LocalGrid’s solutions seamlessly translate all DNP3, IEC 61850 and SCADA communications into DDS for secure and reliable signaling across an increasingly distributed network topology. The same solution that controls huge multi-GW power plants is now available for distributed smart-grid applications.”

Tresys Technology is recognized as a global leader in cyber defense, focused on supporting US defense, intelligence, civilian government agencies, and critical industrial networks. "Distribution utilities world-wide are upgrading power transmission and distribution networks to improve grid reliability and service levels, increase resiliency and to track grid performance. Deployment of a distributed MicroGrid infrastructure requires advanced security measures that have not been widely deployed LocalGrid will change this," says Charles Zaloom, VP, Commercial Group at Tresys Technology LLC.

LocalGrid uses DDS for transport between distributed nodes to secure and optimize utility assets that would otherwise be controlled by SCADA-based communications. The solution delivers real-time protocol hygiene and translation services to ensure that all communications between MicroGrid nodes are inherently secure and not a threat. This approach allows networks to use bandwidth more efficiently as they scale and is an important part of a service delivery fabric. LocalGrid, RTI and its partners are collaborating to deliver next-generation MicroGrid technology.

Tresys Technology, LLC , Real-Time Innovations, Inc. , LocalGrid Technologies, Inc.
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