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Jaro’s 80x80x76mm “Turbo” Surpasses Static Pressure Barrier

Spinning at over 19,000 rpm’s, Jaro Thermal‘s new 80mm x 76mm combination of counter-rotating fans exceeds the static pressure barrier by reaching 10 inches of static pressure (in H20). To achieve such a forceful level of “super-cooled” air flow (136.41 CFM), the stability, power consumption, vibration & speed of these new Turbo Fans are all tightly monitored & controlled. This fixed-blade design is perfect for raid drives, storage, & cloud system requirements.

Originally based on Jaro’s 8076 “Super Flow Turbo” Fan, the new Turbo exceeds today’s harshest environmental requirements. Operating at -10°C to +70°C, the Turbo provides an impressive life expectancy of 70,000 HOURS AT 40°C/ 65%. Other options include an extended operating temperature of -25°C to +90°C., IP-55 water protection, on-board PWM control, alarm output, tachometer output, thermistor controls and more.

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