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Jaro Thermal Extreme Pressure Fans Now Available In 140mm2 x 51mm & 120mm2 x 38mm

Jaro Thermal, Inc. announced the addition of two new sizes to its ultra-high-static pressure "REVOLUTION" series of brushless dc fans.

The new sizes are said to specifically address the market’s increasing demand for maximum performance, capability, lower power consumption, and specific size. The 140 x 140 x 51 tops out at an extremely cool 316cfm with .83 inches static pressure, and the 120 x 120 x 38 delivers a extreme 262cfm with 1.2 inches static pressure.

Due to what is described as a unique design, the REVOLUTION maximizes static pressure as it simultaneously optimizes air flow. According to the company, the superior fixed blade design, combined with a slick air-guiding frame, brings this fan to the top of today’s thermal cooling revolution.

Other sizes include: 38 x 28, 40 x 28, 60 x 38, 70 x 38, 80 x 38 and 92 x 38. The lead time for production orders is 4-6 weeks ARO.

JARO Thermal Inc.
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