IXYS Intros AXC Part Types

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) introduced a new family of integrated smart power products that provide active filtration with sharp attenuation of low frequencies (less than 200 Hz) in switching power conversion circuits used for telecommunications and test and measurement applications. The IXYS filters are based on proprietary and patented technology and are the first products to come out of the joint technology agreement signed between IXYS and Actil Ltd. (Israel) earlier last year.The first products available for sampling are active capacitance (AXC part types). The AXC-051 is a three terminal power filter which supplies a minimum of 30dB of attenuation at 20Hz. It is designed for supplies of -18V to -75V and up to a 5A load. The AXC-053 is a positive supply version covering 18V to 75V and up to 5A. The AXC-101 and AXC-102 are 20A versions designed for -8V to -72V and OV to 28V, respectively. Unit pricing for the devices range from $8.40 for the AXC-051 to $30.14 for the AXC-102 in quantities of 1,000. Sample quantities will be available August 1999 with production quantities starting in January 2000.

IXYS Corp. , Actil Ltd.
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