Isolated Primary-Side LED Driver with Integrated 650V FET

Fremont Micro Devices USA Inc. announced the FT8260 family of primary-side drivers for LED applications. The first three members of the family include the FT8260 (30W), FT8260DD (18W) and FT8260B (7W). These high precision devices simplify LED lighting system design by eliminating the secondary side feedback components and opto-coupler. The FT8260DD has an integrated 650V 4A power MOSFET and the FT8260B an integrated 650V 2A power MOSFET.

“The FT8260 Family adds to the growing portfolio of Fremont Micro Devices LED solutions. They target LED Lamp applications, decorative solid state lighting applications and T8/T10 LED strings,” said Jim Panfil, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fremont Micro Devices USA. “The extremely low start-up current of 23uA and quiescent current of 1.1mA reduces power consumption resulting in excellent efficiency,” he added.

These devices have a highly-accurate current sensing method with an LED current accuracy of 3%. The built-in protection functions including LED open / short circuit protection, over-temperature compensation and OVP voltage accuracy that greatly enhance system reliability and safety.

In lots of 10,000 pieces, unit prices are as follows: FT8260-RT maximum output power of 30W, SOT23-6 package has a suggested price of $0.11; FT8260DD-RB maximum output power of 18W, SOP-8 package has a suggested price of $0.28; and FT8260B-RT maximum output power of 7W, DIP-8 package has a suggested price of $0.22.

Fremont Micro Devices USA, Inc.
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