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IR Releases New IRF6612 Synchronous MOSFET

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) introduced the IRF6612, a 30 V synchronous MOSFET in IR’s proprietary, surface-mount, DirectFET™ package. The IRF6612 delivers the optimum combination of low on-state resistance (4.4 mOhms @ VGS = 4.5 V) and low package inductance to maximize efficiency in notebook and server computers as a synchronous rectifier in non-isolated, dc-dc converters. The IRF6612 also can be used in secondary-side synchronous rectification for isolated dc-dc converters in networking and communications.

Currently, notebooks using Intel’s Centrino™ mobile technology employ a power solution for the processor that is a two-phase design using one control and two synchronous, SO-8 packaged MOSFETs per phase. The three SO-8 devices can be replaced by a pair of DirectFET devices per phase when the IRF6612 is used as the synchronous MOSFET and the IRF6608 as the control MOSFET. The DirectFET solution reduces part count and the PCB area occupied by the MOSFETs by 33 percent compared to existing circuit designs using standard discrete devices.

The IRF6612 is priced at $1.03 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The new device is available immediately.

International Rectifier Corp.
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