IR Intros 40A IRFBA40N60C & 59A IRFPS59N60C 600V Benchmark HEXFETs

The new 600V Benchmark HEXFET power MOSFETs from International Rectifier (IR, El Segundo, CA) are claimed to offer the lowest Rds(on) values in the industry, with values as low as one-tenth those of established, industry-standard types in the same package size. The new devices are targeted at high-end, space-constrained applications that require the highest power MOSFET efficiency, such as multi-kilowatt SMPSs in high-end computing and telecom applications, as well as high power PFC front-ends. The first members of the new product family are the 40A IRFBA40N60C and the 59A IRFPS59N60C. The 40A part offers an Rds(on) of 70 milliohms in a Super-220 package and the 59A part offers an Rds(on) of 40 milliohms in a Super-247 package. According to IR, these values compare to industry standards of 1.2 ohms and 400 milliohms, respectively, in comparable packaging, and to 190 milliohms and 70 milliohms, respectively, for the best competitor. The performance of the new devices is claimed to result from combining IR's recently introduced high voltage vertical P-column DMOS technology with its high performance "Super" series of packages, which allow up to 136 percent more silicon to be put in the same footprint."These devices are not a cost-reduction vehicle compared with existing commodity-type products," stated Carl Blake, IR's technical marketing manager for SMPS switches. "These products are a valuable way for the customer to reduce total system cost by reducing the area and volume occupied by the circuit board and the associated thermal management elements."With samples available in July 1999, the new devices will be available in production quantities in October 1999, priced from $5 to $10 in moderate volumes.

International Rectifier Corp.
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