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IR Expands iMOTION Family of Power Modules

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) introduced three new integrated power modules (IPMs), expanding the iMOTION™ family, which simplify variable-speed, electronic motor control circuits found in energy-efficient appliances, and feature a three-phase inverter power stage with gate drivers and auxiliary circuitry in an isolated package. The new devices combine low-loss, non-punch-through, short-circuit-rated IGBTs with a three-phase, high-voltage, high-speed driver IC and over 20 individual parts into a single unit.

The 6 A IRAMS06UP60A and IRAMS06UP60B are designed for motor drive applications in appliances and light industrial products such as compressors in refrigerators or fan controllers in heating and ventilation systems up to 400 W. The IRAM06UP60A has open emitter configuration and enables multi-shunt current feedback for sophisticated vector control loops. The IRAMS06UP60B includes a current-feedback shunt, and is designed for appliances such as air conditioners and energy-efficient washers up to 750 W. The IRAMS06UP60B is the best choice for simplified voltage/hertz control-type motor drivers, with no circuit layout limitations. The IRAMS06UP60A is pin-to-pin compatible with the existing IRAMS10UP60A and IRAMX16UP60A.

The new IRAMS06UP60A, IRAMS06UP60B and IRAMS10UP60B are available immediately. Pricing ranges from $10.75 to $0.75 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

International Rectifier Corp.
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