IPMs Integrate Pre-Driver and Output Stage with Boot Strap and Protection Functions

ON Semiconductor has introduced seven highly integrated three-phase inverter hybrid intelligent power modules (IPM) for motor controls in white goods and industrial applications. The highly-integrated hybrid device portfolio contains all the power devices composing pre-driver and output stage power devices with boot strap diodes, under-voltage protection, and over-current protection. The IPMs are composed of power devices and gate drivers with 600V maximum, and the maximum operating voltage for the inverter units are 450V. STK544UC62K-E, STK551U362A-E, STK554U362A-E, and STK554U362C-E deliver maximum output current of 10A; STK551U392A-E and STK554U392A-E deliver maximum output current of 15A; and STK551U3A2A-E delivers maximum output current of 20A.

These IPMs can operate at a switching frequency up to 20kHz. Insulated Metal Substrate Technology (IMST®) from ON Semiconductor enables the IPMs to deliver high power efficiency with low noise. The high integration levels of the devices themselves, combined with the smaller external components, enable the power system control boards to be physically smaller, with fewer components, fewer high voltage circuit board traces, and less complicated assembly.

"In the white goods market, power efficiency continues to be a priority," said Chris Chey, general manager of the IPM division of ON Semiconductor. "The integration level of these Intelligent Power Modules helps our customers increase efficiency and reduce noise in white goods control circuits, while reducing design time."

The GreenPoint® online analysis tool from ON Semiconductor provides an interactive environment to analyze IPM performance. Users can select the device to analyze, set operating conditions, view performance simulations, and download results. The STK544UC62K-E is offered in Pb-free SIP-23 packages. The STK551U362A-E, STK554U362A-E, STK554U362C-E, STK551U392A-E, STK554U392A-E, and STK551U3A2A-E are offered in Pb-free SIP-29 packages. Budgetary pricing ranges from $6.00 to $8.40 per unit.

ON Semiconductor
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