Ioxus Launches Family Of Ultracapacitors For Military, Transportation & Alternative Energy Industries

Ioxus, Inc., developers, manufacturers and commercializers of ultracapacitor technologies for a wide range of energy storage markets, launched its first family of Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) and power modules for military, transportation and alternative energy applications. Ioxus states that its family of ultracapacitors provides smaller-sized solutions with more capacitance and greater power densities over competitors.

Ioxus’ ultracapacitors provide energy storage to improve the efficiency of hybrid electric vehicles by recycling the energy captured during braking and lowering peak power requirements on hybrid-diesel, fuel cell or battery-based vehicles. By stabilizing the power output of these systems with ultracapacitors, fuel cell and battery-based applications realize significant increases in life cycles. When used in combination with batteries or other energy sources, Ioxus EDLCs reduce power drain from the energy source and extend its available life up to 400%.

Ioxus states that it stands alone in providing 100% U.S.-made ultracapacitors that extend the charge time and reduce the use of batteries for electronics, hybrid vehicles, wind farms, material handling equipment and other green technologies. As a subsidiary of Custom Electronics, Inc., which has supplied commercial and military clients with capacitors and integrated electronic solutions since 1964, Ioxus manufactures price competitive products that have higher capacitance and adhere to rigorous quality standards. The company also is working towards AS9100 and ISO-9001 certification.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) awarded up to $1.5 million to Ioxus in April 2009 to support the company’s manufacturing facilities. As a result of the NYSERDA program, Ioxus raised $5 million in venture capital funding to support manufacturing and development of its solutions.

"Attention to alternative energy sources is increasing rapidly as the world searches for sustainable, renewable solutions," said Linnea Brush, Senior Research Analyst with Darnell Group. "This launch further validates that the market continues to grow and that there is large demand for promising ultracapacitor and battery technologies from economic and environmental perspectives."

"Renewable energy sources such as ultracapacitors are a sensible solution to augment fossil fuel energy sources," said Chad Hall, Chief Operating Officer at Ioxus. "The cyclical nature of solar, wind and wave systems require a means to temporarily store energy and deliver power when required. Our high performance products offer these systems a solid solution while delivering the stored energy during down cycles."

The Ioxus ultracapacitors and pseudo-capacitors are available now, starting at $8 for high quantities of 100F cells.

Ioxus Inc.
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