Intersil adds Voltage Options for Rad-Hard V-Refs

Intersil Corporation today announced the expansion of its offering of radiation-hardened (rad-hard) voltage references to include four new devices, the ISL71091SEH10, 20, 33 and 40. Providing voltages previously unavailable for the rad-hard space market, the new family enables better overall accuracy for 11-bit and 12-bit ADC resolution applications. The ISL71091SEH family claims the industry's best output voltage noise and a reference voltage that is stable over time, temperature and ionizing radiation, providing increased precision in satellite data acquisition, signal processing and power management applications.

Customers designing for rigorous applications require reliable precision analog solutions to obtain better overall accuracy. The ISL71091SEH20 provides a 2.048 voltage reference specifically for commonly-used 11-bit ADC resolution, and the ISL71091SEH40 provides a 4.096 voltage reference specifically for 12-bit ADC resolution. Both devices provide a reference voltage consistent with 1mV LSB. These voltage reference options enable the system designer to optimize accuracy within 11 and 12-bit signal processing system resolution targets, respectfully, ensuring signal processing integrity.

The ISL71091SEH radiation-hardened voltage references deliver high performance by leveraging Intersil's innovative SOI-based PR40 process providing Single Event Latch-up (SEL) immunity to ensure robust performance in heavy ion environments. This advanced bipolar technology enables the ISL71091SEH family to achieve very-low output noise with an initial voltage accuracy of 0.05%. The ISL71091SEH devices claim industry-leading voltage accuracy as well, ±0.15% over temperature (-55C to +125C) and ±0.25% ionizing radiation.

The ISL71091SEH devices, available in the smallest surface-mount leaded package available also reduce overall solution size. Sinking capability on chip eliminates the need for buffering, which reduces system complexity while also increasing overall system accuracy.

"With the addition of the ISL71091SEH devices to our voltage reference family, Intersil now offers the most voltage options on the market for rad hard applications," said Philip Chesley, vice president of Precision Products for Intersil. "The ISL71091SEH family is ideal for high-end instrumentation, data acquisition, and processing applications requiring high DC precision where low noise performance is critical."

The ISL71091SEH voltage references (4.096V, 3.3V, 2.048V and 10V) are available now in a compact 8-lead flatpack. Two evaluation boards are available with two voltage options, the ISL71091SEH12EV1Z for 1.25V and the ISL71090SEH25EV1Z for 2.5V.

Intersil Corporation
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