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Integrated Energy Storage System enters Markets in Asia and Europe

AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) announced today that PowerLegato®, its high energy density integrated energy storage system designed for residential and commercial users, has successfully entered the European, Japanese and Australian markets. PowerLegato is TUV certified and could run both on-grid and off-grid in Germany and the UK depending on user demands. In addition, this remarkably intelligent and flexible energy storage system is eligible for Japan’s S-Mark incentive program, allowing owners to receive subsidies from the government.

PowerLegato is AUO’s all-in-one energy storage system capable of supporting hybrid energy inputs and outputs. In terms of all-in-one systems of the like currently available, PowerLegato is among the ones boasting the world’s highest energy density – per every kilogram of weight, the system is capable of storing an average of 25% more energy than its counterparts. This highly integrated product includes the EnergyOptimizer software, which works to maximize the economic benefits of hybrid sources of renewable energy and electrical grid power, or serves as a long-lasting backup power in emergencies. The extremely smart design means easy installation and maintenance for distributors and system installers, and user-friendly interface for owners.

Eligible for German incentive program, PowerLegato is specifically designed to enable customers to better harness energy utilization in the current market environment, where the primary concern of using renewable energy is its stability in supply and self-consumption. The smart energy storage system includes battery modules, inverter, charger, battery management system (BMS), and energy management system. The all-in-one pack contains complete but fewer components to ensure quicker system installation.

To make it all the more compact, advanced lithium-ion batteries with high volume energy density are used to achieve ultra-long battery cycles. PowerLegato also supports hybrid energy inputs and outputs. Users can switch freely between photovoltaic’s dc and grid’s ac sources. When PowerLegato is installed with a PV system, the main power supply will come from the PV system in the daytime, and PV sells surplus power to the grid after PowerLegato is fully charged. In the nighttime or on a cloudy day, the power stored in PowerLegato can be used first, and that from grid acts as a backup.

The specially devised hybrid inverter and charger architecture, in addition to the bundled EnergyOptimizer software and BMS, helps users to obtain maximized power independence and ensure safe operation and longer battery life. The system, with one switch only and an intuitive, password-controlled touch panel, is a perfect fit for homeowners to operate efficiently and safely.

AU Optronics Corp.
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