Infineon Introduces Next-Generation 600V CoolMOS MOSFETs

Infineon Technologies AG has launched its next-generation 600V CoolMOS™ C6 series of high-performance MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors).

According to the company, with the 600V CoolMOS C6 series, energy conversion applications such as PFC (Power Factor Correction) or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) stages can be made significantly more energy efficient. The new C6 technology combines the advantages of modern superjunction or compensation devices including ultra-low area specific on-resistance (for example, only 99mΩ in a TO-220 package), and reduced capacitive switching losses while offering easy control of the switching behavior as well as high body diode ruggedness.

The C6 series is Infineon’s fifth CoolMOS generation of MOSFETs. With the predecessor CoolMOS C3 and CoolMOS CP series the company has continuously increased the switching speed and reduced the on-resistance. While the CoolMOS C3 devices are quite universal, the CP family addresses dedicated applications requiring highest switching speed and lowest RDS(on) related to the package.

The CoolMOS C6 devices are easy to design-in and very well suited for various energy efficient applications such as power supplies or adapters for PCs, notebooks or mobile phones, lighting (HID, High-Intensity Discharge) products, as well as displays (LCD or Plasma TV) and consumer applications like gaming consoles. Infineon’s latest power semiconductor generation allows for highly reliable end products compliant with today’s high efficiency requirements and government regulations.

"Introducing the new CoolMOS C6 family Infineon underlines its strategy to further improve energy efficiency in a huge variety of applications while not sacrificing ease of use for the system designer," said Andreas Urschitz, Vice President and General Manager, Industrial and Multimarket Division at Infineon Technologies. "With our new CoolMOS C6 generation of highly efficient and reliable power semiconductors based on innovative and system-optimized technology, Infineon strengthens its leadership in the power management market."

Infineon introduces the new CoolMOS C6 family with 600V devices and a broad portfolio ranging from 70mΩ to 3.3Ω. Samples of the IPA60R190C6 providing 600V with a RDS(on) of 190mΩ in a TO-220 Fullpack are available. Volume production of the first members of the family is scheduled for August 2009.

Pricing for a single unit of the IPA60R190C6 (600V CoolMOS C6, RDS(on) of 190mΩ, TO-220 Fullpack) is US $0.88 in 10k unit quantity. The IPD60R950C6 (600V CoolMOS C6, RDS(on) of 950mΩ, DPAK) is available for US $0.30 per piece for the same volume.

Infineon Technologies AG
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