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In-Car Wireless Charging from IDT and Eggtronic

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) will demonstrate at CES 2017 an advanced in-car wireless power application that enables automobile and equipment manufacturers to conveniently and safely build the popular feature into cars. Developed around the IDT® high-efficiency 15W transmitter, the demonstration showcases how the technology can be elegantly built into front-seat consoles or back seating areas to deliver seamless wireless charging on the go. The demonstration is the product of collaboration between IDT and Eggtronic, a leading innovator of wireless power products.

The demonstration emulates a real car environment, with the phone display and charging status mirrored onto the auto infotainment panel. The 15W transmitter, currently undergoing AECQ100 and WPC Qi certifications, delivers power for a fast charge and is compatible with existing wireless power receivers. The demonstration will be shown at CES 2017 this week in Las Vegas at IDT”s booth, Sands Halls A-D 40736.

“Automotive forms a critical part of the wireless power ecosystem and enabler of further adoption – providing customers with ubiquitous charging from home, in-car and in the office,” said Chris Stephens, general manager of IDT’s Wireless Power Division. “IDT intends to leverage our success and expertise from the smartphone and wearables market to the automotive market, and this demonstration at CES shows our path.”

“IDT is an ideal partner for delivering wireless power to the automobile market, given their expertise and success in the wireless power market,” said Igor Spinella, CEO of Eggtronic. “Combined with the software interface Eggtronic has developed, this demonstration kit enables customers to visualize and implement a truly wireless in-car experience, including both the wireless charging and a reliable and fast communication between the smartphone and the infotainment of the vehicle.”

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