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HP Unveils Fixed Cord Power Distribution Units

Hewlett-Packard Co. (Houston, TX) announced its new Fixed Cord power distribution units (PDUs) for managing cable clutter in the back of the rack, which will result in improved air flow throughout the rack enclosure. Designed exclusively for 1U fixed-rail servers, the PDUs offer output cords that are fixed to the PDU extension bar (stick) so that there is one less possible point of accidental disconnection. Each output cord is only 13 in (33 cm), and there are seven output cords per extension bar.

Intended for use with a uninterruptible power supply to distribute electrical power, the HP Fixed Cord PDUs are available with either a modular PDU core and extension bar sticks, or the extension bar sticks only. For redundant applications, two PDU sticks may be placed side by side to allow independent power sources to reach the same server. The Fixed Cord PDU kits provide up to 28 outlet receptacles, allowing customers to plug in as many as 28 power cords into one PDU. Mounting two such PDU sets would deliver a total of 56 outlets. The HP Fixed Cord PDUs can support up to 42 1U servers.

The HP Fixed Cord PDUs are available in US and worldwide configurations at a list price of $399, and include a limited, three-year warranty. Pricing may vary by country or region.

Hewlett-Packard Co.
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