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HiTek Power Enters Market for Medium-Voltage Power Supplies

HiTek Power Ltd. has launched its first range of high quality, high performance, medium voltage, high current power supplies suitable for a wide variety of general-purpose applications, including component testing, heaters, magnets, battery management, ion implantation and automated test. The Series MV2000 offers output voltages ranging from 20V to 300V with a maximum output power of 2kW in a 1U 19″ rack-mountable chassis. Parallel/series operation of units can be easily configured to provide higher output power levels to suit specific customer applications and/or provide n+1 redundancy.

The Series MV2000 incorporates a power factor corrector enabling the units to operate across a wide range of mains input voltages. Control and monitoring is available both locally via the front panel and remotely via the rear panel user interface. Custom interface designs can be provided, making the MV2000 range a flexible solution for all industrial power supply needs. These include isolation (up to 1kV dc) and an RS232 interface.

Input voltage is specified from 185Vac to 255Vac 47-63Hz single phase plus protective earth, operation below 185Vac is possible with linear power de-rating down to 1kW at 85Vac. The input current does not exceed 13A rms (185Vac to 255Vac), harmonics are controlled with active power factor correction. All models provide positive polarity. The output can be isolated from the chassis (by up to 900Vdc) to provide negative outputs if required. Control signals are referenced to the negative output. In voltage-mode operation, the output ripple is less than 0.1% peak to peak of rated output voltage + 50mV peak to peak. In current-mode operation, the output ripple is less than 0.2% peak to peak of rated output current + 50mA peak to peak.

Transient response for a 10%-90% or 90%-10% step change in load is; overshoot/undershoot of less than 2% of rated output. Recovery to within 0.1% of rated output less than 10ms.The output noise is under 300mV up to 20MHz. Line regulation of the output voltage is less than 0.05% deviation in output voltage set point for a 10% change in supply line voltage. Load regulation of the output voltage is less than 0.1% deviation in output voltage set point for a 0 to 100% change in load current. Drift is less than 0.5%/8 hours after 1 hour warm-up. Efficiency is greater than 85% at full output power. The RoHS-compliant MV2000 power supplies are stackable and there are 29 standard models to choose from.

HiTek Power Ltd
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