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High-Voltage Contactors Handle 200A Continuous Current

TDK Corporation presents the new HVC200A bipolar high-voltage contactor for the switching of high dc voltages and currents. It is designed for operating voltages of up to 450Vdc and a high continuous current of 200A. Arcs that occur when disconnecting the dc load are quickly and safely extinguished with a gas in the hermetically sealed switching chamber.

The HVC200A, with its dimensions of 89 mm x 44 mm x 93.5 mm (l x w x h) is available in drive versions for 12 V (B88269X1000C) or 24 V (B88269X1010C). Both versions have a power of 6W at the rated voltage. As an option, the new contactors can be equipped with a circuit for detecting the switching status.

High-voltage contactors with a high continuous current capability are used, for example, in e-mobility applications for the fast disconnection of the battery from the drive, as well as in dc charging stations. Further applications include photovoltaic systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Versions with 12V and 24V drives for continuous currents of between 100A and 500A at maximum permissible operating voltages of 900V are currently in development.

Main applications are expected to include Battery isolating switches and onboard charging circuits in e-mobility applications, Photovoltaic plants, and Uninterruptible power supplies. Features and benefits include: High continuous current of up to 200A, High-speed extinguishing of arcs, and Optional detection of switching status.

TDK Corporation
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