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High-Frequency Two-Switch-Forward IC Cuts PSU System Cost and Footprint

HiperTFS™-2 is the newest addition to Power Integrations‘ Hiper family of ICs, and combines two-switch-forward and flyback power-supply controller ICs with high-voltage MOSFETs into a single highly-integrated package. The high level of integration in HiperTFS-2 ICs saves more than 20 components compared to competing designs, resulting in power supplies with a smaller form factor and higher power density.

A workhorse of the PC main power supply industry, the two-switch-forward topology provides 150 W to 450 W of cost-effective power from a combination of 5 V and 12 V rails. Its advantages simpler magnetics, lower voltage MOSFETs and higher efficiency can also be very beneficial to other applications, such as industrial and medical power supplies, telecom rectifiers and higher power battery chargers such as e-bike and pro-sumer power tool chargers.

HiperTFS-2 builds on the success of HiperTFS, and provides: Selectable switching frequency between 66 kHz and 132 kHz, which reduces system cost by enabling the use of small magnetics. 175% peak power – a requirement of next-generation Intel CPUs and Improved surge protection. A new Power Integrations reference design, DER-368, is available now and describes a 12 V, 180 W power supply with 250 W peak output and 10W standby power using a HiperTFS-2 device.

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