Hermetic, High Reliability MOSFETs Improve Efficiency

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) has introduced four new series of Power MOSFETs for high efficiency military and space applications. These new low RDS(on), avalanche rated MOSFETs utilize advanced junction technology and feature extremely fast switching and an improved body rectifier. This combination of fast switching and minimal commutation / conduction losses make resonant switching applications more reliable, smaller, and run cooler.

The 35A, 700V, and 90mΩ SFF35N70 series of N-channel MOSFETs are available in TO-254, TO-254Z, TO-258, and TO-259 packages. The SFF13N100 series of 13A, 1000V, and 340mΩ N-channel MOSFETs are available in TO-257, TO-254, TO-254Z, and SMD1 packages. The SFF70N70 series of 55- to 70-A, 700V, and 50mΩ N-channel MOSFETs and the SFF26N100 series of 26A, 1000V, and 175mΩ N-channel MOSFETs are available in SMD2, TO-258, and TO-259 packages.

SSDI currently supplies its MOSFET products for various high reliability space and military applications including electronic warfare, flight control, altitude control in launch vehicles, and propulsion. These new MOSFET offerings will especially benefit critical space and defense programs implementing new designs or in need of improved performance and reliability.

Solid State Devices, Inc.
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