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Hercules Turns Electrical Outlets Into Network/Internet Connection With New ePlug Powerline Ethernet Extender

Hercules, a specialist in IT devices including multimedia speaker sets, webcams, DJing solutions and consumer-friendly WiFi solutions, debuts a new Powerline Ethernet Extender Communications range of products, the Hercules ePlug™. The ePlug offers a simple way to bring the Internet to any room without having to worry about a weak wi-fi signal or having install complicated, expensive and long cable wires. The Hercules ePlug simply plugs into an electrical outlet and uses your existing electrical wiring to provide Cable/DSL access throughout your house. One will be able to access the internet, game online, broadband TV, stream HD movies, email and share files from computers, game consoles or set top boxes, from any room in the house.

The Hercules ePlug 200 is said to be environmentally friendly and offer a greater power savings then most current products on the market. The built-in latest-generation Intellon 6400 chipsets lowers the adapter’s consumption by 50% when in standby mode, providing what the company says is a 20% greater savings than those offered by the market’s current standards.

The Hercules ePlug range, available as single units or dual packs provides 85 or 200 Mbps bandwidths and features one Ethernet 10/1000 port. The dual adapter packs, ePlug 200 Duo and ePlug 85 Duo, will be available late July 2009 at the suggested retail prices of $149.99 and $99.99. For the third room you can buy the ePlug 200 Solo or ePlug 85 Solo (single adapters) which will be available late July 2009 at the suggested retail prices of $89.99 and $59.99.

"It was a natural move for the Hercules brand to use its expertise to create ultra simple devices in an area of home networking solutions complementary to WiFi, such as Powerline Communications," stated Bertrand Gasnier, Development Manager for Hercules. " For this new range, we also sought to include high-performance and reliable technologies, which are indispensable in the field of data transfers; and as a result, we chose Intellon."

"The combination of Hercules’ expertise in the field of consumer electronics and the better performance, lower operating power and new features made available in the INT6400 will translate into excellent powerline products," said Rick Furtney, President and COO of Intellon Corp..

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