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Gore Intros Next-Generation EDLC Components

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. (Newark, DE) announced the commercial availability of next-generation GORE EXCELLERATOR® electrode assemblies and separators for electro-chemical double-layer capacitors (EDLC), also called super-capacitors, which are engineered to provide the capacitor industry with improvements in energy density, power delivery and high-volume manufacturing throughput.

Suitable for regenerative braking systems, uninterruptible power supplies, energy production and storage, and membrane electrode assemblies for PEM fuel cell applications, the new EDLC components allow for high-carbon loading, which translates into greater energy densities. The components feature uniformity, tortuosity and a high filtration efficiency that prevent electrode particle penetration, reducing shorts and manufacturing rejects. The highly porous structure provides for high ionic conductivity, resulting in low equivalent series resistance, faster response and lower time constants.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
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