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FCI Adds HPCE and HP2 Cable Assemblies in Power Solutions Portfolio

FCI announces that its High Power Card Edge (HPCE®) cable assembly is now available together with a two-piece HP2 cable assembly application. Both products provide a lower profile height option to facilitate greater system airflow.

“We are excited about these new additions in our Power Solution’s low profile product line”, said Dong Yu, global power portfolio director at FCI. “HPCE already has great traction in the market. These two cable assembly applications will help us solidify our leading position and drive the standard for low-profile, high efficiency power connectors and cable assemblies.”

The HPCE cable assembly incorporates an innovative power contact and housing design that permits a more compact and lower profile package for demanding AC and DC power supply and/or add-in card applications. It offers a low profile height (2.84 mm above board) and is based on very cost-effective and highly reliable stamped-and-formed power contact technology similar to other power solutions from FCI. It includes high power (10 x 14 AWG wire) and low power (14 x 16 AWG wire) contact options as well as integrated signal contacts (22 x 26 AWG wire).

The modular tooling approach maximizes flexibility to meet a wide range of power distribution requirements including bus bar attachment. The integrated latching option makes it ideal for high shock-and-vibration environments. The HPCE cable assembly offers low profile height (for maximized airflow), high linear current density and low contact resistance, and those characteristics make it ideal for next generation 1U/2U servers, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment and datacom/networking equipment.

The HP2 cable assembly is similar to HPCE cable assembly but utilizes a two-piece design (header-to-receptacle cable assemblies). Right angle header and vertical header range are readily available to mate the cable receptacle, allowing design flexibility in various system architectures. Low profile height (7.5 mm) maximizes airflow for effective system cooling, and integrated guide features make it ideal for blind mate applications. Similarly the HP2™ product includes both high power and low power contacts for power distribution and signal contacts for power control. Number and placement of power and signal contacts are highly configurable to meet the custom power needs.

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