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Extending AC-DC Backup Time from milliseconds to Minutes

Nipron Co., Ltd. now offers two extended back-up time options for its 120W, 200W, 220W and 300W open-frame power supplies the UZP-120, UZP-200, UZP-220 and UZP-300 series, respectively. The CB03A-EC400/801F capacitor back-up module can extend back-up times to over one minute, depending on the load and multiple units can be used in parallel to further increase the operating time. The BS27A-P350/12V charging/discharging board interfaces between a lead-acid battery pack and the company’s UZP series power supplies and enables full power output during extended black out conditions.

The CB03A-EC400/801F capacitor back-up module has a nominal capacitance of 800&Micro;F at 400Vdc. It can be fully-charged in about 5 seconds and has a self-discharge time of about 5 minutes. It is designed to operate from -10 to +70 degrees C and has an expected operating life of about 15 years at 40 degrees C. It is equipped with a blackout detection signal and complies with UL60950-1. The currently available connection harness is 115mm long, an extended 350mm harness is under development.

The BS27A-P350/12V charging/discharging board is designed for use with the 12V, 2.3Ah PXL12032 battery pack or the 12V, 5Ah PXL12050 battery pack, both offered by GS Yuasa. Depending on the load, the back-up time can be extended from about 1.5 minutes to over 8 minutes. Other battery packs with longer back-up run times are optionally available. The BS27A-P350/12V has a battery discharge capacity of 100W continuous with natural convection cooling, 150W continuous with forced-air cooling and a peak power capacity of 200W.

Charge capacity is 13.6V / 0.5A typical (constant voltage, constant current, trickle operation). The unit is equipped with a variety of control signals including AC_Fail (blackout notification signal), Batt_Low (battery voltage drop signal) and Shut_down (backup forced stop signal). These back power units meet CSA60950-1(c-UL), UL60950-1 and carry CE Marking.

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