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Excelsys Offers Custom Power Supply Design Capability

Excelsys Technologies has created a new custom power supply design facility that will work with customers globally to develop application specific power sources.

Excelsys states that its designers use the very latest platforms, topologies, simulation techniques and thermal modelling to develop power supply solutions that combine leading edge performance with attractive cost structures and predictable time to market. The final designs are fully tested and approved to all relevant safety and EMC standards.

According to Dermot Flynn, Director of Sales for Excelsys, there is an increasing trend among power supply customers to specify a unit that exactly meets their needs. This, coupled with the drive towards better efficiency and better use of power, makes a custom designed solution ideal.

"Until recently, many customers settled for a standard unit that more or less met their requirements." said Flynn. "Often, this also meant a power supply with a host of unnecessary features that were paid for but not used. By working with us to design a custom-specific unit, the customer is able to develop a unit that combines the very latest power supply technology with an electrical specification that exactly mirrors the application needs."

Excelsys states that it has assembled a design team which can boast more than 200 years of aggregate industry experience in power supply design encompassing all the key skills necessary to deliver custom solutions to the widest range of markets and applications. The core design team has worked together for over seven years and, in that time, has developed strategic alliances with key suppliers and academic institutions. This allows for low-risk and fast adoption of the latest components and topologies which, in turn, translates into superior efficiency levels, lower noise, improved power densities and a host of options designed to make the power supply easy to use and monitor.

Depending on the complexity of the required power supply, Excelsys expects to provide working samples in 8 weeks, with final designs some 8 weeks later.

Excelsys Technologies Ltd.
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