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Exar 2A/3A LDOs Operate Down to 1.045V with 140mV Dropout

Exar Corporationannounced two low-dropout (LDO) regulators that support 2A and 3A loads from a single low voltage supply with a maximum dropout voltage of 140mV. The XRP6274 and XRP6275 ultra low dropout voltage regulators can operate with industry standard low voltage rails of 1.1V to 2.5V providing a unique single supply solution for convenient point-of-load voltage regulation. The new LDOs are targeted at a wide range of markets including communications, enterprise solutions, industrial systems and space constrained consumer devices.

Exar achieves the ultra low dropout performance of its XRP6274 and XRP6275 regulators without requiring either an external bias voltage or an internal charge pump, which can often generate unwanted noise and affect system operation. The new ultra LDO’s use a single supply and reduce board layout complexity by avoiding the need to route a secondary bias rail to the LDO. The start up is guaranteed from an input voltage as low as 1.045V. The XRP6274/75 devices provide output voltages down to 0.6V with an accuracy of 0.5% using ceramic capacitors. In addition, precision enable and power good functions allow for easy sequencing and control of these LDOs.

“As system designers chase performance per watt metrics, the number of low voltage rails is proliferating” said James Lougheed, vice president, power management, Exar. “To help system designers with this trend, the XRP6274/75 devices offer unprecedented single supply conversions, removing the need for routing bias rails in ever increasing dense board layouts. These LDOs halve the dropout of the closest competitors.”

The XRP6274 and XRP6275 are available now in RoHS compliant, green/halogen free space-saving 10-pin 3x3mm DFN packages and are priced from $3.20 and $3.60 respectively in 1000 piece quantities.

Exar Corporation
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