EPCOS Debuts BR6000 Series Power Factor Controllers

EPCOS AG (Germany) announced its new BR6000 Series of power factor controllers, which can switch power-factor correction (PFC) capacitors on or off in six or 12 stages in the millisecond range to bring the power factor of the inductive load connected as close as possible to unity. The new BR604 model with a four-stage design has been specially developed for applications requiring only a few stages.

The only difference between the BR604 and the larger models in the series are its dimensions of 100 mm x 100 mm x 44 mm; it has the same user-interface-based on plain-text messages, menu-driven selection, and a multi-functional LCD display with two rows of 16 alphanumerics. The PFC controller integrates 23 preset control series with a self-optimized, intelligent control mode. The outputs can be programmed to operate with a fixed number of stages or skip individual stages as required. The PFC controller can also switch from automatic to manual operation. The controller also features zero-voltage release and four-quadrant operation.

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