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EnerSys Presents New DataSafe HX VRLA Batteries

The Reserve Power Group of EnerSys Inc. (Reading, PA) introduced a new line of high-rate-discharge batteries suitable for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other applications that require maximized space utilization combined with high energy density. The cases and covers of the new DataSafe HX line of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries use a polypropylene compound that improves high-temperature performance and increases vibration resistance.

The polypropylene compound used for the DataSafe HX provides more resistance to vibration, making the batteries more tolerable to harsh shipping environments. The DataSafe HX, which includes five models ranging from 204 W/cell to 506 W/cell (15-minute rate to 1.67 V end voltage), is compatible with other similar products, making the HX batteries suitable for both new and replacement applications. The batteries feature high conductivity recessed brass terminals; high-integrity, long-life terminal seals; corrosion-resistant, lead-calcium-tin alloy positive and negative grids for efficient recharge and long life; and are available in flame-retardant (UL94-V0/L.O.I. > 28%) or non-flame-retardant material. The HX Series also meets critical industry standards, including UL, IATA certification for air transport, and US DOT classification for non-spillable batteries.

Nominal ratings for the five 12 V models in the new DataSafe HX Series, at the 15-minute rate to 1.67 V end voltage, are 204 W/cell for the HX205, 284 watts/cell for the HX300, 336 watts/cell for the HX330, 381 watts/cell for the HX400, and 506 watts/cell for the HX500. Pricing for the new HX205 DataSafe battery starts at $89. Delivery is one week ARO.

EnerSys Inc.
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