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EnerBlu Investing Over $400 Million to make Batteries in Kentucky

EnerBlu, Inc. announced today that it is relocating to Kentucky upon acceptance of a multi-million dollar, multi-year incentive package from the State of Kentucky. The company plans on investing over $400 million in Kentucky, creating new jobs, and will have locations in both Lexington and Pikeville, cities located in a region historically known as the Energy Capital of the United States.

“We are excited that EnerBlu has chosen Kentucky as home for its headquarters, research and development facility, and for the first Lithium Titanate battery facility in the United States,” Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky said.

“EnerBlu will help power our nation’s transportation and defense industries, while providing job opportunities that will harness the highly skilled workforce of Eastern Kentucky.

“We are grateful to EnerBlu for locating this incredible project in our state, and congratulate the communities of Pikeville and Lexington for the opportunities this new corporate partnership will create.

"This project will have a positive impact on Eastern Kentucky and the commonwealth as a whole for many years to come," concluded Governor Bevin.

Rendering of EnerBlu’s new Energy Innovation Park to be built in Pikeville, KY. (PRNewsfoto/EnerBlu, Inc.)

Highlights of the announcement include:

  • State to provide multi-million dollar incentive package for relocation and other costs, EnerBlu plans to invest over $400 million in the region
  • Energy Innovation Park in Pikeville, KY (on site of former Marion Branch coal mine) to feature lithium battery gigafactory, including manufacturing final products and employ up to 875 workers, including engineers, chemists with BS or advanced degrees
  • Corporate headquarters, including R&D, step-up line, and labs, to be located in Lexington, KY and create an additional 110 STEM jobs
  • The company will partner with University of Pikeville, University of Kentucky, and other colleges and universities for research, materials science, and to encourage new technology development through incubation
  • EnerBlu will service a global market from Kentucky that includes government, commercial and military customers with interest secured in the North America, South East Asia, MENA and India.

“Creating a team that is building something meaningful that can benefit both the local and global community is not only exciting, but very meaningful to us,” stated Michael Weber, EnerBlu executive chairman.

“You cannot imagine how thrilling it is to play a part in helping revitalize a region and put coal miners back to work through retraining and durable jobs. It is tremendously gratifying to be more than just a company that sells products, but to also make an impact on people’s lives," Weber added.

Energy Innovation Park: A Brighter Future

The company’s Energy Innovation Park manufacturing campus, to be built in Pikeville, KY, on 154 acres with EnerBlu’s buildings initially covering over 1 million square feet.   The facilities built by EnerBlu will include:

  • Lithium battery gigafactory for its eLTO™ batteries;
  • Production of the AESU, ™ System and other “grid-tied” products; a
  • And, the manufacturing of its eTransport commercial vehicles.

EnerBlu will take the leadership role in this new commercial park that will bring together a diverse group of companies dedicated to the development of 21st Century energy, power and eTransport.

“EnerBlu is the future of energy, and I am thrilled to be a part of it,” exclaimed Boyd Holbrook, actor, philanthropist and EnerBlu investor. “Having grown up in Eastern Kentucky myself, EnerBlu will be a cornerstone for the region to reclaim its position as the energy leader for the US and expand that to be a global new-energy leader for the 21st Century. And most importantly for the people I grew up with, EnerBlu represents a brighter economic future for coal miners, veterans and their families.”

EnerBlu’s innovative technologies and products create reliable power delivery systems for organizations worldwide that are looking for sustainable energy solutions that deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits. It consists of three divisions:

  • ePowerProducts™ — proprietary eLTO™ battery technology that meets military standards and provides proven advantages for power packs and hybridization as well as microgrid deployments.
  • eGridServices™ — teams up with developers, corporations, utilities, and investors globally to develop projects, install equipment, and test and commission microgrid systems, which consist of PV solar, high-density power battery energy storage, solar and back-up hybridized gensets.
  • eTransport™ — produces fully electric commercial vehicles and buses that are both environmentally friendly and greatly reduce the total cost of ownership.

“The Commonwealth of Kentucky provides an innovative company like EnerBlu with the resources and support necessary for success,” said Daniel Elliott, EnerBlu president and CEO. “It has a highly skilled workforce with strong understanding of direct current (DC) power, complex machinery, and robotics’ operations in production environments. We appreciate the exceptional support we have been given by state government leaders, including Governor Matt Bevin and U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers, and look forward to creating good paying jobs for the state.”

“Kentucky Power is excited by this opportunity for the community, not only for the jobs, but also for the location of such a promising energy innovation company right here in eastern Kentucky,” said Matt Satterwhite, president and chief operating officer of Kentucky Power. “This is further proof that eastern Kentucky has the highly skilled available workforce to attract top industry and further economic development in the region.”

EnerBlu, Inc.
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