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Emerson Network Power Launches Liebert NX UPS

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (St. Louis, MO), introduced the Liebert NX, a mid-sized, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) global platform that is delivers complete, centralized power protection for mission critical systems in server rooms, mid-sized data centers and industrial plants. The 120 V/208 V, three-phase, version of the platform is initially available in 10 kVA to 30 kVA sizes in four modules.

The Liebert NX features an online, IGBT-based, double-conversion topology to protect critical equipment from the full range of power disturbances, including noise, spikes, waveform distortions, surges, sags and frequency variations. Overload protection allows the system to handle 125 percent of the rated load for 10 min, 150 percent for 1 min and 1,000 percent for 10 ms. Outage protection is provided by an intelligent battery system that includes a battery management algorithm to help ensure batteries are available when needed. The wide input-voltage window and frequency tolerance enable the system to deliver clean, consistent power during sag or brownout conditions without discharging the battery.

The system features an input power factor specification of at least 0.99, the ability to adjust power walk-in up to 30 sec, and a 24 in x 32.5 in footprint, including the backup battery. Two Liebert NX modules can be paralleled in a redundant configuration for added reliability and serviceability. Configuration and installation support is delivered by Liebert's network of local representatives.

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