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EMCO Introduces USB Powered Desktop High Voltage Power Supplies

EMCO High Voltage Corp. introduced its USB Series High Voltage Power Supply, which includes a compact HV power supply, control software and accessories, providing all the connectivity needed right out of the box.

Both input power and programming voltage are supplied through the USB interface. After the control software has been installed on a Windows® compatible computer, the USBHV unit is "plug and play". The user enters the desired output voltage on the computer screen and clicks the enable button. The power supply is activated and continuous read-back of the high voltage is displayed. The LED is illuminated when the high voltage is enabled.

Based on EMCO’s stable, low noise, analog control regulation technology, coupled with a high-speed micro controller and 12 bit digital resolution, the units are said to provide excellent accuracy and regulation. Also featured in this HV power supply: 0 to 100% programmability, very low EMI/RFI emissions, arc, overload and short circuit protection. With a footprint less than 2.3 x 3.6", these supplies are well suited for desktop or workbench areas. They are said to replace much larger, more expensive power supplies.

Typical applications include: high voltage experiments; avalanche photodiodes; photomultiplier tubes; solid state detectors; EO lenses; and electrophoresis.

EMCO High Voltage Corp.
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