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Eltek Valere Brings Solar Power To Wireless & Broadband Telecom Networks

Eltek Valere announced a new solar converter that makes solar power an even more viable option for remote wireless cell sites or broadband telecom applications. The company says the new Flatpack2 HE Solar delivers unrivaled performance in terms of energy efficiency, heat loss, solar panel utilization, lightning/surge protection, modularity and reliability.

Four to six solar panels are connected to each Flatpack2 HE Solar converter, which converts the solar power into controlled 48Vdc for supply to telecom equipment. The centre of the solution is the advanced Smartpack monitoring and control unit that optimizes the system with regard to battery performance, network management, diesel consumption on hybrid sites as well as controlling additional Flatpack2 HE rectifiers where applicable.

The power output from solar panels varies depending on time of the day, shading effects, weather conditions and seasonal position of the sun. A traditional ’direct feed’ telecom system typically only utilizes 70% of the panel’s available power output and does not provide isolation between the panels and the telecom equipment.

To reach 100% panel utilization, the Flatpack2 HE Solar converter features maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology to generate maximum power from the solar panels under all conditions. The converter regularly scans the panels to ensure peak output during changing conditions.

The solar charger is based on Eltek Valere’s High Efficiency (HE) technology, which delivers 96% power conversion efficiency across the whole load range. This is said to be the highest power efficiency today and cuts the power conversion losses in half compared to conventional technology – finally making solar power a green and profitable alternative for the future of communications.

"The features, intelligence and efficiency that we’ve built into the Flatpack2 HE Solar converter makes solar solutions ’telecom-ready’ and eliminates the obstacles that have kept carriers from rolling it out in their networks. The solution provides an unrivaled technical and commercial solution to expand communication to areas without access to reliable commercial power," said Morten Schoyen, Eltek Valere Chief Marketing Officer. "We’ve been able to leverage our exclusive HE technology and other key features to help solar power deliver for carriers."

The Flatpack2 HE Solar converter is suitable for all telecom applications in both autonomous (solar only) or hybrid solar power applications. The converter integrates with Flatpack2 rectifier systems in combination with the advanced Smartpack monitoring and control unit in a unique solution managing the power from all different sources, such as solar, grid and generator.

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