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eldoLED Announces Small RGBW LED Driver/Controller

eldoLED has introduced a highly integrated 15W RGB(W) LED driver – the L-Dot Pico. The company says the L-Dot Pico is ideal for integration into the smallest of lighting fixtures.

The company states that the L-Dot Pico is a breakthrough in LED drive, networking and control form factor. The technology drives up to 4 LED colour groups from a single, high-precision LED current source, which make the L-Dot Pico’ power efficiency of up to 95%.

The L-Dot pico supports a 15-bit control resolution per output channel for accurate dimming and fine colour mixing. The L-Dot Pico’s high efficiency leads to a lower heat generation, which means a much smaller heat sink suffices to dissipate its heat. The Pico can even share the heat sink of the LED engine, lowering total system costs. Furthermore, it features an interface for the connection of an NTC, enabling various ways of thermal control, including LED throttling.

The small size of the L-Dot Pico makes it well suited for in-fixture installation, leading to less cabling, increased design freedom and improved system cost for luminaire manufacturers.

The L-Dot Pico technical data include: dimensions of 25mm/0.98" diameter, 4.5mm/0.18" height; an operating supply voltage range of 12 – 28Vdc; an LED current of 350 – 700mA; supported DMX network resolutions of 8- and 16-bit; set point resolution up to 15-bit; contrast ratio up to 8,000:1; and an onboard thermal sensor interface for connection of NTC.

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