Dual Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver Replaces Discrete Solutions and Increases Drive Power

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, Inc. (ICD) announced the availability of the FDA217, an optically-isolated, dual photovoltaic MOSFET driver. Each independent driver consists of an LED that is optically coupled to a monolithic PV array. Each array is capable of generating an open circuit voltage of 12.2V and short circuit current of 9.1uA with a forward LED current of 10mA. The FDA217 driver output is controlled by means of an efficient infrared LED at the input. The PV array is capable of generating a floating power source with voltage and current sufficient to drive high-power MOSFET transistors.

The device can achieve a 27uA short circuit current with a higher input LED current of 30mA. The independent outputs can be connected in parallel to deliver a short circuit current of 18.2uA with a forward LED current of 10mA. Alternatively, the outputs can be stacked in series to deliver an open circuit voltage greater than 24.4V.

Each PV array contains an integrated turn-off circuit that discharges the external MOSFET gate when LED current is removed. This eliminates the need to use external components to facilitate the discharge. The optically coupled technology provides 3750Vrms of input to output isolation.

The FDA217 is well suited for use in solid state relay designs, in controlling electrical power and loads to reduce energy waste and in other isolated switching applications. It is ideal for use with the Zilog family of MCUs for digital power control that matches the demand profile of specific applications, such as in industrial process control, factory and home automation. The device is certified to EN/IEC 60950 by TUV.

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, Inc.
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