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Dual-Phase Buck Controller Handles High Current Applications

Diodes Incorporated has announced a dual phase synchronous rectified buck controller, designed to provide a high integrity supply for distributed high power architectures. With an operating frequency adjustable over the range 50kHz to 1MHz per phase, the AP3595 is capable of delivering an output current of up to 60A and suits the power needs of high end GPU and memory cores.

Made available in the standard QFN4x4-24 package, this compact buck controller integrates 12V+12V bootstrapped MOSFET drivers to ensure highest efficiency power conversion. In addition, the bootstrap diode is itself built into the device, helping to simplify circuit design and reduce the external part count and PCB size. To optimize system performance, the AP3595's gate drive voltage is fully configurable, regulated via a reference input set using an external voltage divider.

By tuning the duty cycle of each channel in response to internal MOSFET on-resistance sensing, the controller ensures phase currents are balanced at all times. A power saving interface (PSI) enables it to automatically switch between dual and single mode to help reduce losses. With the VPSI pin at greater than 1.2V, the controller enters dual phase mode; at less than 0.4V, single phase mode is selected.

To ensure high reliability operation at high currents, the AP3595 buck controller features a comprehensive range of in-built protection features that include over current, input/output undervoltage, over voltage and over temperature protection. An adjustable soft start facility adds an additional level of circuit comfort. The AP3595 dual phase synchronous rectified buck controller from Diodes Incorporated is priced at $0.5 USD each in 1K quantities.

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