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Dual-Output DC Power System targets Ni-Cd Battery Charging

Eltek ASA today announced a new dual-output dc power system designed to reduce wasted power and eliminate the high-voltage impact on load output during boost / equalize battery charging. Most dc power systems have a narrow voltage output range that is optimized to keep back-up batteries at their float voltage levels, but not enough to provide a higher boost or equalize voltage level that is needed to fully charge these batteries. Eltek’s dual output dc system divides the rectifier into two independent branches one for battery and one for load supply. Battery boost / equalize charging can then be achieved on the battery branch without any impact on load voltage.

Implementation of Eltek's new dual-output dc system, prevents a temporary high voltage boost in the load power and is contrasted with a single branch "in series" approach that utilizes drop diodes in the load branch. The use of drop diodes wastes electricity thus creating tremendous heat. The dual branch approach eliminates this heat, reduces added power consumption and increases system efficiency.

"Our new dual-output dc system provides a simple and highly efficient solution to the problem of load power overcharging," said Lars Dousa, Eltek Executive Vice President. "By splitting out the load power supply from the battery power supply, the rectifiers maintain consistent load power and keep battery charge regulated."

Eltek's dual-output power system is built around the Flatpack2 high efficiency (HE) rectifier, and is designed for a number of power-critical industrial applications, including power generation and distribution, marine and offshore, railway and metro transport infrastructures, process and other demanding industries.

Eltek ASA
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