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Dual 6A Load Switch Features Controlled Turn-on

Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA) has introduced a small dual load switch with ultra low on-resistance and controlled turn on. The APE8910-HF-3 dual load switch contains two N-channel MOSFETs that can operate over a wide input voltage range from 0.8V to 5.5V and support maximum continuous current up to 6A each. On-resistance is only 20mΩ per channel. Each load switch is controlled by an on/off input, and is capable of interfacing directly with control signals as low as 0.8V.

Additional features include a 250Ω on-chip load resistor for output quick discharge when the switch is turned off. For power-sequencing, the rise time is adjustable by an external ceramic capacitor on the appropriate CT pin, which also reduces inrush current.

Available in an ultra-small, space saving 3mm x 2mm 14-pin DFN package with thermal pad, the APE8910-HF-3 device is designed for use in applications such as telecom systems, industrial systems, set-top boxes, consumer electronics, as well as portable products where selective sub-system power-down can be used to improve efficiency and battery-life. The device is halogen-free and fully RoHS-compliant.

Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA)
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