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Driver Integrated GaN Transistors Announced by Sanken

A highlight of the Sanken Electric Co. Ltd. booth was the demonstration of the new normally-off GaN transistor and gate driver IC built into a single package. The initial offering consists of two products, the DGF6020 rated for 600V and 20A with an on-resistance of 50 milliOhms and the DGF6010 rated for 600V and 10A with an on-resistance of 100 milliOhms. Both are delivered in an 8mm-square by 0.85mm-high QFN package to minimize parasitic inductance and enable high-frequency power switching.

These GaN FETs are expected to find application in power supplies for servers, power conditioners, digitally-controlled power supply, wireless power supply systems, and other power supply units where small size and high-efficiency are important attributed. These switches deliver ultra-fast (5MHz) operation with the 5V logic level power supply and input signal.

Sanken also offers two half-bridge evaluation boards for these devices. Both the high-side and low-side of the half-bridge circuit is equipped with an isolator. It is designed to operate with an input voltage of 400V and can switch at up to 5MHz. High-voltage, high-current switch evaluation is possible by inputting a logic signal with a microcomputer, etc. The QFN8-HB2-1S evaluation board includes 10A switches while the QFN8-HB2-1D includes the 20A devices. The boards are made from FR4 1.6mm 2 layers, Cu Thickness 70um, and measure 40.35mm - 74.5mm.

Sanken Electric Co. Ltd.
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