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Diodes Inc. Releases MOSFET H-bridges To Optimize Design Of DC Fans & Inverters

Diodes Inc. has released a new range of four H-bridge MOSFET packages to simplify dc fan and CCFL inverter circuits, by reducing both component count and PCB size in space constrained applications.

Featuring dual complementary pairs of N- and P-type MOSFETs in an SO8 package, the ZXMHC parts will replace either four discrete SOT23 packaged MOSFETs or two SO8 complementary MOSFET packages. In a wide range of existing motor or other inductive load drives, this is said to mean a saving in PCB footprint of at least 50% and a significant reduction in overall inventory cost.

Two 30V H-bridges, the ZXMHC3A01N8 and ZXMHC3F381N8, suit 12V dc fan and inverter applications and offer users a choice of low RDS(ON) performance. Industry firsts, the 60V rated ZXMHC6A07N8 and 100V rated ZXMHC10A07N8 are firmly targeted at 24 and 48Vdc motor control circuits respectively.

In 10K quantities, the ZXMHC H-bridge MOSFET package prices range from $0.35 to $0.40 USD.

Diodes Inc.
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