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Diodes, Inc. 300V Rectifiers Surpass 250V Reverse Voltage Limitation

Diodes Inc. announced the introduction of several 300V SBR® rectifiers that are claimed to surpass the industry-wide Schottky reverse voltage limitation of 250V. Utilizing the Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR®) technology acquired in late 2006, the new 300V SBR® rectifiers combine both the Schottky-like low forward voltage drop (VF) with the thermal stability of a Fast Recovery Rectifier (FRD).

According to the company, when compared to traditional 300V Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers, the 300V SBR® rectifiers offer a significant 20-25% improvement in forward voltage drop (VF) with similar soft, reverse recovery switching speed (TRR). This increased performance is said to result in higher efficiency when used as output rectifiers or boost diodes in switch mode power supplies in high power applications such as Plasma/LCD monitors, industrial applications such as industrial computers and welding equipment, telecom and medical power supplies.

"With the introduction of the 300V SBR® rectifiers, Diodes continues to drive technology forward with innovative products that set new industry standards unobtainable with traditional Schottky technology," remarks Mark King, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing of Diodes, Inc. "The rollout of these high power 300V SBR® rectifiers like the SBR60A300CT and SBR40U300CT have expanded our competitive position with leadership products into new areas of the power semiconductor market, including applications for the industrial and commercial power supplies."

The SBR60A300CT SBR® device is claimed to be the first in its industry to offer a maximum forward output current of 60A with a 300V reverse blocking voltage in a TO-220 package. The 300V rating at 60A is said to be 76% higher than any other traditional Schottky rectifier offered at the same current rating in the market. According to the company, with the higher voltage rating and superior avalanche energy capability combined with a low forward voltage drop (VF), designers can improve their rectification efficiency and simplify their design by removing costly snubber circuits that suppress high reverse avalanche spikes.

Diodes, Inc. is offering three new 300V SBR® rectifiers including the SBR20A300CT with a continuous forward current rating of 20A and low forward voltage drop (VF), and for higher power applications, SBR40U300CT and SBR60A300CT offer continuous forward current of 40 and 60A respectively. All rectifiers are rated for a high maximum junction temperature of 175°C making them suitable for such applications such as industrial computers, telecom and medical SMPS where efficiency and reliability are critical to the design.

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