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Delta-Q Redefines Battery Charger Durability for Class 3 Lift Trucks

Delta-Q Technologies will release its new IC650TM industrial battery charger to the materials handling industry at ProMat 2013. The IC650 is a 650 watt industrial battery charger designed with several innovations that will benefit original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of Class 3 electric lift and pallet trucks and their customers. The IC650 was nominated for the ProMat Innovation Award.

Lift trucks are exposed to many risk factors, including chemicals, shock and vibration that can damage internal components. The IC650 incorporates a new type of enclosure for industrial battery chargers—die cast aluminum that wraps around the charger’s internal components. This design innovation makes the IC650 a highly durable product for on-board installation on a lift truck, fully sealed against chemicals and immune to the vibration within the machine.

The IC650 charger features a USB host port, which allows charge tracking downloads and charging profile updates using a commonly available USB flash drive. OEMs can determine how machines are used by their customers to improve future products, and limit warranty claims due to battery misuse. An expensive service call is not necessary if a facility’s employee can download the charging data and e-mail it to the OEM.

“The lift truck market was a focal point in designing IC650 charger. At 650 watts, it’s at an ideal power level to charge Class 3 electric materials handling equipment. We studied the market and built this charger from the ground up to maximize durability” says Ken Fielding, President and CEO of Delta-Q. “We were also looking to create easy-to-use innovations that no one has ever built into an industrial battery charger,” Fielding adds.

The IC650 uses Delta-Q’s QuiQ battery charging profiles, which are optimized through extensive testing to provide a precise battery charge based on the battery chemistry and its manufacturer. These charge profiles allow charging to occur quickly, yet carefully, maximizing battery life and performance.

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