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Delta-Q Offers Unique Sealed and Locking AC Power Cord

Delta-Q Technologies has announced the introduction of the first sealed, IEC-compliant ac power cord. This new product provides sealing to an IP66 rating for the IEC60320 (formerly IEC320) C14 ac input connectors on Delta-Q IC650, QuiQ or QuiQ-dci industrial battery chargers. By preventing dirt, dust, water and other contaminants from entering the ac input fixture, charging safety and system durability are both increased. The sealed connection will prevent damage from fluids, dirt or acid corrosion, as well as maintaining a firm connection between the power cord and inlet.

For Delta-Q's IC650 Charger, the new sealed power cable has special clamps that hold the cable firmly in place, preventing the charger and cable from separating. The company will be redesigning the ac input connector on the QuiQ and QuiQ-dci chargers to allow for the use of the clamps on the sealed power cord.

"Our chargers have always been sealed but customers said that moisture and debris degraded the electrical connection over time, and it was a nuisance to have a cord disconnect or vibrate loose. This motivated us to design our own sealed cable to address these issues and create a more robust charging solution, fully sealed to an IP66 rating, just like our chargers," says Ken Fielding, President and CEO of Delta-Q Technologies.

Customers can begin ordering the new sealed AC power cable from Delta-Q immediately, with pricing dependent on volume. North American grounded plugs are available immediately, while OEMs can pre-order European two-prong and bare wire versions (for creating other national plugs) for delivery at a later date to be determined.

Sealed ac power cord specifications include: Plug types: North American NEMA5-15: 2m length (part no. no.475-0349), 3m length (part no. 475-0406); European "Schuko" CEE 7/7: 2m length (part no. 475-0350), 3m length (part no. 475-0410); and Bare wire version for OEM customization: 0.45m length (part no. 475-0407). IEC connector type: IEC60320 C13 Right Angle, and Gauge: 16AWG (1.31mm).

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