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CYG WAYON Showcases Super Junction MOSFETs

CYG WAYON will be presenting at the 2017 LED Expo, at Pragati Maidan Exposition Center in New Delhi, India from November 30 to December 2. The company currently offers Super Junction FETs from 600V to 900V. In 2018, the CYG plans on adding higher-voltage devices. SiC devices are under development with introduction anticipated for 2019.

CYG WAYON has been researching and developing Super Junction MOSFET since 2014. In 2015, the Second generation WM**C2 Series products was launched by WAYON characterized with low Rds(on) and temperature rise, superior efficiency, robust gate charge performance and ruggedness, displaying a similar technology level enabling them to compete with other top-level brands.

C2 Series MOSFET has obtained a very successful and positive reaction from consumer electronic companies and power supply industries such as LLC Topology.

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“India is one of the biggest electronics manufacturing countries in the world. The LED market is booming dramatically in recent years. WAYON’s Super Junction MOSFET is applied inside of the chargers of the most famous cellphone, as well as the strictest Taiwan-Made IPC and server power supply,” commented Mr. Kyle Chen, Marketing Director & Vice President at CYG WAYON.

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“WAYON also is ready and has enough confidence to march into the India LED driver market. With an instant response, technical advantages and competitive costs, CYG WAYON will be the most reliable provider for the LED market in India and provide services to customers in the power supply industry,” Chen concluded.